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2008 – Happy New Year!!

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to All!!

It’s going to be another great year.

I’m going to invite you to write down what you are excited about, what your New Year’s Resolutions are going to be, or what you want to declare this “The Year Of…”.  Please feel free to add a comment below.

Declaring this to be “The Year Of…” something is a great way to give your year a focus.  Give it a try. 

If you are going to write down a resolution or two, consider writing the date the you are shooting to be complete by. 

And always feel free to send me an email.  info <at>

All the Very Best to You,


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  1. Paul Frazer says:

    For me this year will be the Year of Simplicity.

  2. walkdreamwrite says:

    Hey, Happy New Year.
    My most exciting resolution: vowing to play more piano and write down my own compositions of favorite standards.
    Blog on!

  3. mindscape says:

    Hey Carol,

    There’s always room for more music in our lives.

    Have a great year.

  4. Great idea Paul.

    The first thing that came to my mind was “The Year of No Fear”.

    See you soon.


  5. Barb says:

    Hey Paul; thanks for your latest newsletter, which I always enjoy. I’ve entitled my year “The Year of Phenomenal Growth”. With all of the ideas and plans in my head, and working with you to get them out of me, I already know that’s what’s going to happen – I can feel it already. WOO HOO! Cant’ wait!

  6. mindscape says:

    Great Comments Everyone. I commend everyone for commiting publicly to this. I wish everyone the very best in all of this.


  7. mindscape says:

    Hello again all,

    Just wanted to highlight a colleague of mine who above commited to the Year Of No Fear. His name is Dan Trommater and his programs are mesmerizing, combining magic and motivation to show you what’s possible. Check Dan out at his website and sign up for his newsletter. It’s really worth it.

    Here’s to No Fear – something I wish all of you.